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Ocean Pavilion Partners


Who we are and why we care about the ocean

The Ocean Pavilion represents the first time the ocean has taken center stage inside the COP Blue Zone and the first time a pavilion has been organized entirely by a group of science- and research-focused institutions. The reason is clear: The ocean is fundamental to the planetary systems that regulate our climate, and that delicate balance is increasingly in peril due to human activity. But with careful, science-based solutions and informed policy decisions, the ocean could restore balance and chart a path out of our climate crisis.

The partners of the Ocean Pavilion are just a small part of the global effort to learn more about the ocean and the interconnected systems that help make Earth livable. Together, we are shedding light on a future of solutions and of hope. Join us at Sharm el-Sheikh and beyond to help make that hope real for everyone, everywhere.


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